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Studio Kandiโ€™s productโ€™s are an advancement of sustainable research to guarantee that our items contain top-notch natural ingredients that enhance and sustain the skin. The outcome is a delightfully useful product that is perfect for all intents and purposes of each skin type.

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  • Introducing Beeswax

    Our products are handmade and crafted from all-natural ingredients. We add beeswax, an ingredient that has been used by humans for thousands of years, to help give our products a solid form without the need to use preservatives or chemicals.

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  • Stay Young

    Our skincare products are specially formulated for all skin types with anti-aging ingredients that not only fight the signs of aging, but also help prevent them.

  • The Next Best Thing

    Vegan cosmetics contains ingredients such as soy bean wax, jojoba oil, and other natural raw ingredients that don't rely on animals. Our goal is to create hypoallergenic and cruelty-free skincare products are designed to moisturize and cleanse your skin without compromising your health.

  • Make A Difference

    With Studio Kandi's natural cosmetics we make healthy and beautiful natural beauty products that are made with cruelty-free formulation practices. All of our products are proudly Vegan, free from phthalates, GMOs and SLS. We also only use ingredients which come from ethical sources so every product you purchase helps to make the world a better place.ย We're a certified cruelty-free brand. This means all of our products are made with cruelty-free formulation practices. "Cruelty-free" is defined as not testing on animals.

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